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Kevmaroc.jpg (43093 bytes)             Famhom.jpg (17215 bytes)

                     Kevin in Marocco 1978                                  The Quigley home 1948-1996

             I lived in the castle in the background for a few months.


Winhat76.jpg (21871 bytes)         Wink76.jpg (15464 bytes)

            Hatzell kicks the Winks off of the Fish                          Dan Wink 1976

Kev2jim.jpg (18519 bytes)          Fish76.jpg (33147 bytes)

          Hatzell, Kevin Q. & Kevin Boline 1977

                Sharons apartment 99th. and Hale. It was quie the partying place.

Fish76a.jpg (38378 bytes)          Jimyng.jpg (18638 bytes)

                                                                             James M. Hatzell       

1.jpg (20731 bytes)            Daisy.jpg (40326 bytes)

                            Bass Lake water front                                              le daisy....

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